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Solo Miner with 750 TH Hardware Capacity Earns $1,77,115 After Mining a BTC Block

ByLouis Adams

May 24, 2023 #Bitcoin, #mining
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A user with 750 TH hardware capacity mined block #790,958 on May 23 and was rewarded 6.25 BTC and 0.24 BTC in fees.

Con Kolivas, the administrator of CKPool, has reported that, with the current complexity, this equipment has the capacity to mine a block an average of once in 9 years.

He has also cautioned newcomers that solo mining is a game of chance and most of them will never mine a block.

Glassnode has reported that the smoothed 7-day average of the network computing power was at 357.5 EH/s at this time.

It was previously recorded that a user with a 6.7 PH hashrate mined a block in March while another user with only 10 TH/s hashrate mined a block too, their share in the network’s computing power being very miniscule at 0.000000036%.