• April 25, 2024


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Goldman Sachs: Family Offices Are Moving to Cryptocurrencies

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A recent survey conducted by investment bank Goldman Sachs found that there is an increasing number of institutional investors who are supportive of investments in digital currencies.

Representatives of family companies that invest in a range of asset categories were interviewed for the study.

Results showed that 30% of respondents had already invested some of their capital in digital assets, with 19% citing the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency as the main reason for their purchase.

Additionally, 8% of participants were using applications that represent the DeFi decentralized finance market, and an equal number were said to be willing to hold digital assets in the long term.

The Goldman Sachs report concluded that institutional investors have become more specific about cryptocurrencies and that the number of family companies investing in virtual assets has increased; however, there are still many firms that are not ready to buy them.