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Gala Games Plans to Hold an Airdrop of its GALA v2 Token

ByLouis Adams

Apr 19, 2023 #Altcoins
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GALA Games has recently announced an airdrop of their updated GALA v2 token, resulting in a 15% spike in price within one day.

Owners of the original GALA v1 token will receive a 1:1 ratio of the new asset.

To ensure tokens are properly distributed, the project team has urged users to withdraw their GALA tokens from liquidity pools and trading platforms to non-custodial wallets before the snapshot on May 15.

They have also noted that they cannot guarantee that GALA tokens in the liquidity pool contracts can be recovered, and will be immediately terminating support for GALA v1 after the airdrop.

Ethereum contract for the new token has been improved with security and potential updates in the future.