The Daily Fees for Issuing BTC NFTs Reach New High

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On March 23, the fees for the daily issuance of NFTs on the blockchain of BTC reached a peak of 9.28 BTC, as reported by Dune Analytics.

This surge was largely attributed to the placement of the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection from Yuga Labs in image blocks on the Ethereum network.

The Bitcoin Apes project reported on Twitter that of the 10,000 BAYC tokens, over 8,000 have already been present in the Bitcoin network.

According to NFT collector Leonidas.og, BAYC images take up 1 GB of the 466 GB Bitcoin blockchain.

Since the launch of the Ordinals protocol in January 2023, users have issued more than 577,000 Bitcoin-NFTs.