• March 21, 2023


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Ethereum MEV Validator Revenue Hits All-time High

ByLouis Adams

Mar 16, 2023
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Validators of the Ethereum blockchain saw their profits from “Maximum Extractable Value” (MEV) reach record highs on March 11, when users rushed to withdraw USD Coin (USDC) from the DeFi sector and the SBV crashed.

This allowed operators of the popular MEV solution, Flashbots, to earn 7,691 ETH that day. Robert Miller, head of Flashbots, has observed that validators using MEV-Boost almost doubled their daily income compared to the previous peak seen in the aftermath of the FTX collapse.

By the following day, however, income from the technology had returned to its usual levels. Anthony Sassano, an Ethereum developer, has expressed his hope that “his validators” were able to take advantage of the situation and reap their share of the MEV.

Flashbots has recently launched the MEV-Share protocol in February, which is meant to expand earning potential for Ethereum users.