• March 21, 2023


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Investment in DeFi Projects Jump by 190%

ByLouis Adams

Mar 7, 2023
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Investments in the DeFi sector in 2022 totaled $2.71 billion, a 190% increase from 2021’s $0.93 billion, according to CoinGecko analysts.

Uniswap and Lido Finance attracted the highest amounts, with $165 million and $94 million, respectively, while the Luna Foundation Guard was responsible for the largest round at $1 billion of LUNA tokens in February.

In contrast, the CeFi segment saw a decrease in investments from $16.29 billion to $4.39 billion, of which FTX accounted for $800 million (18.6%).

Despite this, blockchain infrastructure and services experienced a 40.2% increase in investments year-on-year to $6.1 billion, while AI and data processing also saw a 65.1% rise.