• February 27, 2024


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Coinbase: 20% of Americans Own Cryptos

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A survey conducted by Morning Consult in February 2023, commissioned by Coinbase, found that 20% of the US adult population (more than 50 million people) own cryptocurrencies.

22% of those surveyed were Democrats and politically independent citizens, 18% Republicans. Younger Americans are more passionate about digital assets than older generations, but 76% of holders agree that the crypto industry and blockchain are the future.

Furthermore, 80% of respondents believe that cryptocurrencies can play an important role in renewing the current financial system, which they deem to be unfair.

Coinbase has commented on the survey results saying:

“The public is ahead of politicians when it comes to the role of cryptocurrencies in renewing the financial system. Cryptocurrency is increasingly being used to solve real problems.”

Despite the ongoing crypto winter and tighter regulations, interest in the industry remains strong.