• March 27, 2023


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412 Bitcoins Inactive for a Decade Are Transferred

ByLouis Adams

Feb 10, 2023
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412.12 bitcoins valued at $9.6 million that had been inactive since October 2012 have been moved.

According to PeckShieldAlert, at the time of coin consolidation over 10 years ago, they were valued at $5,207. In the event of a sale, this batch of Bitcoins has brought a yield of about 184,000%.

The movement of funds that have remained inactive a long time traditionally attracts the attention of the community. This usually applies to early Bitcoins.

Just as an example, in February 2021, 2,189 BTC began to move for the first time since the consolidation in 2013. In May, an unknown person moved 500 BTC with a similar “lifetime.”

Unknown people withdrew 150 BTC from three wallets in April last year, which had been stored there since 2009.