• December 5, 2023


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Unknown Attackers Hack Robinhood’s Twitter Account to Promote Token

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A lot of users of the popular social network Twitter, which has recently been acquired by Elon Musk, have reported that the official account of online broker Robinhood has posted a strange tweet in which the company urges users to buy a new token.

According to them, Robinhood had posted a tweet in which it asked its followers, about 1.1 million a the time of writing, to pay $0.0005 for a token called RBH issued on the Binance Smart Chain.

According to the head of product business operations at Coinbase, at least 10 users had spent about $1,000 before the tweet was removed from the feed.

In addition, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of crypto exchange Binance, has said that the company’s security team has locked the account linked in the tweet.