• December 5, 2023


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Nifty Gateway Co-Founders Leave Gemini

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Duncan and Griffin Cock Foster, co-founders of NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway, have just announced they have decided to leave Gemini, where they have worked since the exchange acquired the company in 2019.

They have explained the decision by saying:

“This journey has been incredible, but Griffin and I are founders at heart and we want to create another company.”

According to them, in 2019 they decided to work with Gemini for four years and ended up “staying for the maximum amount of time.” The Nifty Gateway co-founder hasn’t specified when they will actually leave the company.

They have said:

“Our first step is to take a sabbatical, digest what has happened in the five years since the launch of Nifty Gateway, and start brainstorming.”