• May 21, 2024


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Leading Crypto Exchange BIT Launches $1 Million Prize Pool for World Cup

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Key Highlights:

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange BIT introduces its Qatar 2022 World Cup-themed campaign ahead of the world’s most anticipated sporting event
  • The campaign launches with a whopping prize pool of $1 million, which will be distributed among eligible participants

Crypto exchange BIT (https://www.bit.com/), has announced the launch of its industry leading ‘World Cup Wizard’ prize pool for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

A leader in the crypto options trading market, BIT is kicking off its World Cup campaign with a competition to bring together sports fans from all over the world. Here’s how it works:

By registering and trading via the exchange, you are able to collect Rad-Bit points and participate in their master event.

The more winning teams you guess, the more Rad-Bits you receive. These points can then be exchanged for different tokens and rewards; ultimately giving participants the opportunity to win their portion of the prize pool of up to USD $1 Million.

“The World Cup brings pleasure and excitement to the entire world, and we want to be a part of that…We want to keep introducing people to the world of crypto and what better way to do that than through the most popular sport in the world!” stated Lan Yue, co-founder and COO at BIT.

Crypto is now integrated into many parts of our lives and it continues to become more accessible than ever. Moreover, Lan remains passionate about BIT’s vision of offering the best possible experience for customers with ‘crypto trading made professional and easy’.

“In these difficult times for our industry, it is all too common to lose sight of the bigger picture and what brings enjoyment to customers. Therefore, it’s important that we continue seeking ways for our users and football fans alike to enjoy the thrill of the World Cup and show them the power of crypto.”

To find out more about the World Cup Wizard prize pool and how to receive your Rad-Bits,  go on BIT’s website and social media channels. Registration is open from the 1st November to 19 December 2022.

For further information contact Cameron Smee at cameron.smee@farrantgroup.com.