CryptoQuant Becomes First On-Chain Data Provider for CME Group

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Seoul, Korea, 25th October, 2022, Chainwire

CryptoQuant, a leading on-chain data platform, has become the official provider of on-chain data for CME Group’s Datamine. This on-demand platform allows traditional financial institutions to access detailed historical data.

Being the first and only on-chain data provider of CME Datamine in July 2022, CryptoQuant offers its data via CME Datamine, which enables traditional financial institutions and hedge funds to purchase the data from the CME Group platform. They can now get digital asset data from CryptoQuant via the CME Group Datamine service.

CryptoQuant data is recognized globally as the most reliable source of complex on-chain data for Bitcoin, such as exchange flows, miner flows, long-term holders, and many others. 

Used by many trusted media such as Forbes, Bloomberg, and CNBC, CryptoQuant has also worked with Valkyrie Fund to develop an overview of the Bitcoin market, contributing to Valkyrie’s Bitcoin Futures ETF approval in the US.

Previously, CryptoQuant developed a patented wallet verification technology that served anti-money-laundering services in 2019. CryptoQuant collaborated with the Korean National Police Agency in tracking and arresting the infamous criminals behind the Nth Room scandal. CryptoQuant has since grown exponentially, used by retail traders in over 200 countries and over 200 institutional clients.

“Digital asset investment was considered dangerous speculation compared to other assets such as stocks, gold, or properties. This bias has formed as there was no reliable information in this industry, and investors were purchasing digital assets without a data-based analysis,” said CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju. “CryptoQuant’s main goal is to enable investors to redefine the way of digital asset investment, and to provide fundamental for digital asset valuation based on the data.”

As more traditional financial institutions expand to digital assets, the importance of reliable on-chain data, delivered through already familiar tools, will increase ever more. With the partnership with CME Group, CryptoQuant is expected to become the staple of the traditional financial industry and is actively recruiting new hires to meet the institutions’ demands.

CryptoQuant is backed by Hashed, Galaxy Interactive and other major ecosystem investors.

About CryptoQuant

CryptoQuant lowers the hurdles of data-driven investing by saving research time and decreasing the knowledge gap. The firm provides key data insights with intuitive and customizable charts, a community-driven feed of education and news, real-time alerts for time-critical events, pro charts for top investors and traders, and data API sources for trading institutions. Instead of numbers curation, CryptoQuant offers digestible information that is both actionable and timely. It provides the most comprehensive data based on on-chain, derivative market, and sentiment and narrates it in community-based insights. CryptoQuant has the largest monthly visitors among other data providers, with visitors from over 200 countries and paid users spending over four hours weekly to gain the insights needed for success.

About Hashed

Hashed is an investment firm that focuses on blockchain. The firm’s focus is on contributing to a decentralized future through investment, community building, and support. Hashed works to enable their portfolio companies to penetrate the global market seamlessly and bootstrap their communities as well as the company-building process. As an early investor in Kakao’s Klaytn and Line’s LINK, Hashed has invested early in many successful blockchain projects of Asia tech giants. The firm also runs ‘Hashed Lounge’ as a co-working and offline meet-up space for early blockchain projects.


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