The Partners of Crypto Pyramid OneCoin Face Charges in Germany

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A court hearing was held in Germany on October 18 with the participation of three partners of the OneCoin cryptocurrency pyramid. The prosecutor’s office has charged them with money laundering, fraud and banking crimes.

One of the defendants is a Munich lawyer for the founder of the scheme, Rudja Ignatova. Bloomberg has explained that the lawyer, on behalf of the client, transferred €20 million ($19.7 million) to purchase luxury real estate.

Probably, we are talking about Martin Breidenbach. In the fall of last year, during his trial, it turned out that in 2016, Ignatova, through Aquitaine Group, a company registered in an offshore zone, acquired a penthouse in London for £13.5 million (about $18.21 million at that time). In the same house, the OneCoin founder owned an apartment worth £1.9 million.