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The server of NFT Artist Beeple is Hit by a Phishing Attack

ByLouis Adams

Oct 4, 2022 #Hackers, #NFTs
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NFT-centered artistMike Winkelmann, aka Beeple, has reported a URL hack to his official Discord server. According to him, when users click on that URL, they are redirected to a fraudulent channel. He has warned on Twitter:

“DO NOT go into that discord and do not verify, it will drain your wallet!”

Suspicious activity with the artist’s official channel was noticed by a user named maxnaut.eth just a few hours before his message.

He contacted Winkelmann on Twitter and said:

“Your OpenSea BEEPLE: EVERYDAYS – 2020 COLLECTION has a Discord link attached to it that links to a scam CollabLand wallet drainer.”

According to the screenshot, users were asked to confirm their account through the bot, but the actions led to the emptying of the CollabLand wallet.