• September 26, 2023


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Swiss Central Bank: “CBDCs Will be Able to Support the Stability of the DeFi Market”

ByLouis Adams

Oct 3, 2022 #CBDC, #DeFi
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The Swiss Central Bank believes national digital currencies (CBDCs) will be able to effectively interact with tokens deployed on the DeFi decentralized finance market.

According to Thomas Moser, a member of the managers of the National Bank of the country, DeFi projects will grow due to the entry of capital.

It can also enter in digital currencies of central banks.

DeFi protocols use Tether and USDC stablecoins. But in the future, CBDCs can be integrated, such tokens will also be able to improve the liquidity of ecosystems.

According to a representative of the Swiss Central Bank, CBDCs are more reliable instruments, since their issuers are not private companies, but states.