SudoSwap Plans to Airdrop its Governance Token

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The team behind the decentralized NFT exchange SudoSwap has recently revealed the initial distribution of its SUDO Governance Token in an upcoming airdrop.

The initial issue will be 60 million SUDO. The distribution will be as follows: owners of the utility token of the XMON platform with get 25.12 million (41.9%), 0xmons NFT holders will receive 0.9 million (1.5%), sudoAMM protocol liquidity providers as a retrospective airdrop will get 0.9 million (1.5%), project treasury will get 15.08 million (25.1%), original team members will receive 9 million (15%) and SudoRandom Labs as the main developer of the protocol will receive 9 million (15%).

The last two categories have a three-year vesting period with a one-year cliff.

XMON holders must lock up their assets for three months if they wish to participate in the airdrop. During this period, the token will fully retain its functionality, with the exception of the possibility of transfer.

Louis Adams

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