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Arthur Hayes: Ether Will Grow After Activation of The Merge

ByLouis Adams

Aug 26, 2022 #Ether
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Former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes has said that in the event of a successful update of Ethereum, the value of the network’s underlying asset, ETH, will begin to increase.

According to him, the sellers have capitulated. Those who do not believe in its future have left the asset, while the Ether has not yet demonstrated all its capabilities.

Arthur Hayes has recently predicted the fall of Bitcoin and Ether to $20,000 and $1,300. He has stated that he was ready to buy leading digital currencies only at such a cost. But now the former head of BitMEX is more optimistic.

According to him, the drop we are seeing has nothing to do with the technical performance of BTC and ETH.

Hayes has emphasized:

“If the update is successful, then traders will continue to buy ETH.”