• September 21, 2023


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Infrastructure Company Blockdaemon Purchases Asset Security Firm Sepior

ByLouis Adams

Jul 25, 2022 #Blockchain
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Blockdaemon, a blockchain infrastructure company focused on institutional investors, has recently acquired Danish startup Sepior.

The financial terms of the purchase remain unknown.

Sepior’s technology for the protection and security of cryptographic keys will reportedly allow integrating transaction management, nodes and liquid staking through a non-custodial solution on a single platform.

The statement reads:

“Integration of key management will link the various components of the platform, in particular staking and its rebalancing. This will improve security and speed in the marketplace for customers in the B2B2C segment.”

Also, solutions from Sepior are designed to make it easier for users to connect to blockchains. In addition, the startup will provide custodial and non-custodial digital asset wallet capabilities.