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Peter Schiff: I am Ready to Sell Euro Pacific Bank for Bitcoin

ByLouis Adams

Jul 12, 2022 #Banks, #Bitcoin
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Peter Schiff, who is a gold advocate and critic of BTC, has said he is ready to sell his Euro Pacific bank for Bitcoin and any other digital asset.

A Twitter user asked Schiff about his willingness to sell a financial institution for Bitcoin and he replied:

“Actually yes, I would sell the bank for anything if regulators let me sell it. My main goal is protecting customers.”

Schiff has earlier said his bank has no loans or debts with a capital of about $ 2 million, but there are enough funds to pay all depositors in full.

He said the Euro Pacific buyer had to add $7 million in capital.

Regulators in Puerto Rico closed Euro Pacific due to allegations of insolvency and non-compliance earlier this month.