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Hackers Stole $670M in Crypto Assets in Q2

ByLouis Adams

Jul 8, 2022 #Hackers
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According to a report published by blockchain security company ImmuneFi, the number of attacks on digital assets has doubled since the beginning of the year, but the total amount of losses has decreased.

Between April and June, there were 50 hacks that caused crypto platforms to lose more than $670 million. While the frequency of attacks increased from the first quarter, the amount of money lost was less. There were 25 attacks in the first quarter and hackers stole $1.2 billion in digital assets.

In Q2, most of the losses were due to hacks of DeFi protocols rather than blockchain bridges (platforms for transferring data between networks), as in January through March.

In particular, Axie Infinity’s Ronin bridge was robbed of more than $625 million, and the Wormhole bridge on the Solana network suffered a $326 million attacked.