Harmony Launches $1M Reward for Recovering $100M Stolen

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The team behind the Harmony protocol has offered a $1 million reward for recovering $100 million worth of crypto assets stolen from the cross-chain bridge Horizon or information that helps identify the hackers.

According to the devs:

“Harmony will advocate no criminal charges when the funds are returned.”

Users have drawn attention to the small amount of the reward, which is 1% of the value of the stolen funds. A popular crypto trader on Twitter, under the pseudonym Degen Spartan, has called the offer an “insulting amount.” He has added:

“I think these guys are just doing a performance to mitigate the legal responsibility: ‘Hey, look, don’t blame us, at least we tried.’ It looks like they don’t even want to return the money with such a clown offer.”

Useless CEO David Wyly has suggested that crackers might prefer “a million clean cash.” However, in his opinion, Harmony’s proposal is the “starting point” in the negotiations, and he sees the settlement amount in the range of $3-$6 million.