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Blockchain Project Cardano Becomes a Gold Member of the Linux Foundation

ByLouis Adams

Jun 24, 2022 #Blockchain
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Non-profit organization Cardano Foundation has just joined the Linux Foundation as a gold member.

On June 22, Cardano Foundation CEO Dirk Hondel spoke at the Open Source Summit in Austin in a Q&A session with Linux creator Linus Torvalds.

Hondel then said:

“We believe that building a vibrant community around blockchain technology is key to its mainstream adoption. Linux Foundation has the necessary competencies and experience of cooperation with interesting open-source technologies.”

The Linux Foundation has three membership levels: silver, gold, and platinum. Members at each level pay an annual fee that contributes to the organization’s budget.

The Gold level of membership includes contributions of $100,000 per year and gives the member the potential to earn a seat on the organization’s board of directors.