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Elon Musk Criticizes Dogecoin Co-founder for a “Fragment of Bad Code”

ByLouis Adams

Jun 1, 2022
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Jackson Palmer, co-founder of meme crypto project Dogecoin, has been criticized by Elon Musk, whom he called a scammer the day before.

Palmer described in an interview how he provided Musk with a script to fight spam on Twitter a few years ago. According to him, the billionaire could not figure out how to run it, because he “does not know the code well.”

Palmer also called the head of Tesla and SpaceX a fraud and a faker, criticizing the activity in the cryptocurrency segment and the intention to acquire Twitter.

Musk replied in a tweet posting the interview:

“You falsely claimed that this bit of bad Python code would solve the bot problem. My kids were coding better when they were 12.”

Musk was asked which programming language is better. He replied Python is more suitable for AI and “most things”, JavaScript for web development, and C/C++ for high-performance applications.