• May 31, 2023


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Tron Ecosystem Grew 48% in May

ByLouis Adams

May 31, 2022 ,
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According to the DeFi Llama ranking, the Tron-powered dApp ecosystem has become the third largest ecosystem. Its TVL is up over 48% in a month, approaching $6 billion.

In the overall ranking, Tron is second only to Ethereum and BNB Chain.

Among the top 10, only Tron has shown growth over the past month, as the TVL of the rest of the ecosystems has fallen significantly. For example, Avalanche fell by 52.9% and Fantom by 55.42%.

The fastest growing leader in the Tron DeFi ecosystem is the landing platform JustLend, whose TVL increased by 58.45% in a month, approaching $3 billion.

Popular crypto journalist Colin Wu has suggested the reason for the rapid growth of the indicator is related to the algorithmic stablecoin USDD.