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DAO Decentraland Awards $1 Million Grant to Decentral Games

ByLouis Adams

May 26, 2022 #Metaverse
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The Decentral Games project from the Decentraland metaverse has just received $1 million in MANA tokens from DAO, the virtual reality management platform, to create a USDC-ICE liquidity pool on QuickSwap.

Decentral Games is working on the development of P2E games for Decentraland‘s metaverse. The project accounts for about 60% of active users of the virtual world.

The team put to a vote last May 20 a proposal for a $1 million grant in MANA to provide liquidity to the ICE-USDC pool on the QuickSwap decentralized exchange.

ICE is the in-game token of the ICE Poker poker room. The funds will be used to reward pool liquidity providers over the next three months.