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Manhattan Crypto Capital Trades in Disruptive Cryptographic Assets

ByLouis Adams

May 24, 2022
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Manhattan Crypto Capital (MCC) is launching a private crypto investment fund that boasts the fastest-growing, highest-yielding assets with high performance in hard and soft assets. Built by a seasoned investor, this fund connects verified accredited investors with disruptive managers. With this fund, investors enjoy high yield returns with minimum risk downside from crypto and blockchain assets. 

Manhattan Crypto Capital founder Zaid Khan started investing in stocks at the age of 16, and later became a pioneer in digital investing before he turned 30. Thanks to his background in investing and his experience in cryptography, he has built a network of valuable experts in several industries. This network makes it easy for him to source exceptional deals and rare investment opportunities and therefore offer investors value for their money.

“When I got into cryptography investment, I developed a diversified investment strategy to maximize high returns and minimize risk,” says Zaid Khan. “I also acquired a Fintech company with a trading algorithm that was developed in 2013 with 987% ROI as of 2022 and no losing months. By leveraging technology, this fund generates high returns, frequently outperforming the market.”

Khan has drawn on his network to build an extraordinarily skilled team of disruptive managers with experience in investing and structured finance. These fund managers are also specialists in risk management of both traditional and new asset classes. As a result, they can offer a balanced approach to risks that aren’t identifiable through the market.

The fund managers have identified opportunities in the following areas: hedge fund and hard asset arbitrage, blockchain startup investments, gamification, tokenomics, and Metaverse & web3 investments. This team is committed to ensuring that investors enjoy transparency with security and accountability.

The MCC team also has access to networks across Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. Additionally, they have connections to the royal family, governments, institutional investors and senior executives from prominent businesses and investment funds. MCC can leverage these networks for strategic advice and access to capital.

This team of experts has built Manhattan Crypto Capital into a crypto “fund of funds” that connects verified accredited investors to disruptive crypto opportunities. These investment opportunities are hedged by rare asymmetric arbitrage deals and are supported by the team’s industry experience. 

This private fund is backed by an experienced board of advisors who have managed funds worth up to $14 billion for the United Nations MPTF. MCC has also been able to leverage Our network to put together a highly skilled team with a deep understanding of investing & structured finance, investment banking, risk management, and macroeconomics analysis, in both traditional and new asset classes.

By partnering with top mentors and coaches in investment fund management, Manhattan Crypto Capital is bridging the gap between verified accredited investors and disruptive managers with rare deal flow opportunities. Moreover, the managing partner of MCC brings a wealth of knowledge to the fund, with experience in digital asset cashflow niches of the blockchain space. This includes specialized expertise in digital NFT asset rentals, hardware node networks, GameFi, and liquidity mining. 

Manhattan Crypto Capital is dedicated to providing investors with a dependable team that understands the digital asset space. In addition to skilled fund managers, the fund has its own R&D, risk management, tax compliance, league, and RIS compliance teams. By putting money in MCC, investors get a capable team that is dedicated to making them money without interrupting their lifestyles.

MCC only accepts subscriptions from verified accredited investors into the private fund per Rule 506(c) under Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended.


About Manhattan Crypto Capital

Manhattan Crypto Capital is a private cryptocurrency investment fund that connects verified accredited investors with the fastest-growing, highest-yielding cryptographic assets. By leveraging a diversified investment strategy combined with industry experience and a technology-driven approach, the fund helps investors find rare disruptive assets to put their money into. Thanks to a rich network that includes skilled fund managers, the royal family of UAE, governments, institutional investors, and coaches, the fund has to access to both strategic advice and capital.

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