Polygon Launches DEX Aggregator Odos

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DEX Aggregator Odos, which builds optimal exchange routes between pools of 35 decentralized exchanges, was launched on the Polygon blockchain on May 17. Odos also supports multi-currency exchange, which means that a user can exchange up to four different tokens in one transaction.

According to the developers, the patented Odos route search algorithm is much more optimal and allows users to achieve a better deal than the solutions of other DEX aggregators. For example, when exchanging 1,000 MATIC for DAI on 1inch, the user will receive 699.5 tokens, and on Odos – 700.8.

Odos currently supports 46 tokens and 35 DEX pools, including Sushiswap, Uniswap, Balancer and more.

Certik has audited the aggregator smart contracts.