Monopolon and IKONIC Announce Their Strategic Partnership Streamlining the Blockchain Market

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Monopolon is excited to announce our strategic partnership with IKONIC, the world’s first and most dedicated marketplace for Esports. As the sets of goals are very common, Monopolon and IKONIC will strive to work together to create a better web 3 world and maximize blockchain technology. Monopolon made another announcement simultaneously.

IKONIC aims to maximize blockchain technology and to increase the financial freedom of gamers by increasing their numbers and making a profit from their gameplay. Monopolon on the other hand is the best futuristic gamefi project. Players could create their metaverse here with virtual buildings and land. It is a DeFi board game built on the BSC blockchain. Monopolon needs its own NFT to play the game.

The partnership of Monopolon and IKONIC is a cross-pollination of each other’s communities. IKONIC is already partnered with 30 top NFT and gamefi projects. This makes Monopolon trusted by many other communities and projects. Thus, Monopolon will get more exposure and too many people will get interested in us.

The CEO of Monopolon, Manfred NG commented “it is an honour to be partnering with IKONIC “We are very happy to have them on board. Basically, we can promote our Monopolon’s gaming moments on their website”, he added.

IKONIC is the world’s first, dedicated marketplace for Esports. It’s purpose is to bring forth a revolution for gamers. It is a full-service NFT marketplace where the pro-players, gamers, and teams can create digital items on their own.  Players can create their unique NFTs easily here. Thus, they will be listed and ready to trade on IKONIC’S marketplace. IKONIC has its own unique $IKONIC token, which is the key to unlocking rewards for players. Users can get a discount and some special bonuses while using this token.

Monopolon is the virtual manifestation of our childhood board game Monopoly. It combines PVP (Player Vs Player) and PVE (Player vs Environment) game mode. It is a pentagon-shaped battlefield where the players would roll dice and move their characters. There are many ways to earn from the game. Besides, a lot of excitement is waiting for you in every sphere of the game.


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