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Lazy 8ight Yacht Club Announces Plans to Expand its Digital Marine Exploration

ByLouis Adams

May 13, 2022 #NFTs
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As NFT emerges as the most innovative experiential space in the Web3 world, creators and developers are building a thriving community around it. The Spike in trading volume of NFTs last year suggests that people see the blockchain, metaverse, and NFTs as the future of the world. Armed with this fundamental belief, Lazy 8ight Yacht Club (L8YC) is building an exciting community collaborating and partnering with like-minded individuals to release the first-ever Mega 3D Yacht NFT. 

The company brings an NFT collection of 8,888 uniquely crafted traversable 90-meter 3D yachts that give you the feel and thrill of real-world marine exploration. CEO and Co-founder Arin Alesauskas talking about his entrepreneurial grit says: “At L8YC, we have brought on board artists and developers who have a passion for the marine environment and seek to create a vibrant community that shares the excitement for water. The first-of-a-kind fully traversable life-size yachts with exquisite interior and exterior seamlessly integrate the real world into the metaverse.    

Co-Founders Gunnar Dunbar and Oriana Schneps bring on years of technical and marketing expertise to create a vision of luxury yachts and exotic digital marine exploration that shall connect metaverse dwellers to build and expand businesses and utility fields around yacht culture and marine tours. The team at L8YC is developing an all-inclusive Metaverse Marina that shall be an exotic home not just to all holders but also extends to other NFT projects in the ecosystems to connect and mingle their characters and collectibles. This is going to immensely enlarge and widen the boundaries of communities. “The goal of our project is to create a mutually flourishing digital ecosystem that connects and empowers communities, virtual and real,  with enriched experience,” says Oriana Schneps. 

Lazy 8ight Yacht Club is a blockchain company curating projects in 3D utility NFT assets. Founded in 2022, the skilled team of entrepreneurs and artists promises best -in class NFT combined with community innovation and business opportunities.

The L8YC NFT holders will have a thrill of empowerment with access to awe-inspiring interiors and amenities like gyms, pools, casinos, and cigar lounges as real-life simulations. It is an integration of metaverse environs with real-life promotional events, yacht parties, and chartered tours that build a real community around 3D virtual world.

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