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Doex.com Launches Doex Ventures to Build a Homogeneous Contract Trading Environment

ByLouis Adams

May 10, 2022
Reading time: 2 minutes

Doex.com recently announced the launch of Doex Ventures, aiming to bring together contract trading users to build a homogeneous contract trading environment.

Doex.com is one of the few crypto exchanges in the market that offers only single contract model – Perpetual Contract. It is also an innovative crypto trading platform.

Doex Ventures comes with the belief that the development of derivatives trading doesn’t rely on the operating model of a trading platform. No matter how unique the trading mechanism of DEX or CEX is, if users can not engage in the building of contracts, the operation will be unsustainable. This is one of the reasons why Doex.com rolled out the “Contract Building Fund” to echo Doex Ventures’ mission.

With the fund, Doex.com has already started pilot operations in Korea and Taiwan. 

Many users have already participated in Doex.com’s contract building project, with a plan to expend it to other regions in the next quarter.

In addition to the fund launched for the contract trading environment, Doex.com provides traders with a safe and reliable server trading system. We have recently conducted two updates with our servers.

The latest server upgrade focused on Doex.com’s transaction fee mechanism and contract calculation system. Doex has reset its data sources of asset price. The current data mainly come from four leading trading platforms and an abnormal index rejection mechanism has been introduced. The custody and clearing service has also been updated to forge a better contract calculation system.

Doex.com team has rich experience in R&D and operation in the digital currency sector. 

In particular, all members of the quantitative trading team are veterans of the industry, bringing deep understandings of quantitative trading systems, tool design, architecture implementation and the innovative development of derivative product. This is one of the reasons why Doex.com has enough confidence in its own contract system.

Doex.com has launched a $1 million “Contract Building Fund” internally to help users who participate in the trading and building of contracts on the platform. The platform is currently conducting a 50% contract trading fee campaign.