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NEAR UA Plans to Celebrate For Ukraine Hackathon with a $20,000 Prize Pool

ByLouis Adams

May 4, 2022
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NEAR UA, the Ukrainian hub of the NEAR Protocol platform, has recently said that it intends to host an online hackathon whose aim is to help the cultural sphere of Ukraine during the war.

The For Ukraine Hackathon wants to find new solutions based on the NEAR protocol. The projects based on the protocol and created for this purpose should have practical applications in certain conditions or be useful in the course of the reconstruction of the country once the war comes to an end.

The initiative will focus on cultural issues, including funding for heritage restoration based on 3D models, support for cultural workers who have lost their jobs and help raise funds for zoos to feed animals.

The prize pool is $17,000 in NEAR tokens. On top of that, there will also be a special prize from Roketo hackathon partners of $3,000 in NEAR.

Remember that Russia started its military operations in Ukraine more than 2 months ago. As a result of this, millions of refugees are seeking shelter in other countries. The hackathon aims to help the country during these hard times.