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Arthur Hayes: Bitcoin Will Rise to $1 Million by 2030

ByLouis Adams

Apr 28, 2022 #Bitcoin
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BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes said last month that Bitcoin will hit new heights. Moreover, the expert has not ruled out that in the long term BTC will reach $1 million.

Arthur Hayes has this week confirmed his bullish outlook. Notably, the former head of BitMEX has said that by 2030 the price of Bitcoin will soar to $1 million.

One of the triggers for the growth of the crypto will be accelerating inflation. Moreover, Hayes does not rule out that countries such as China will stimulate the BTC rally.

If Beijing diverts part of its reserves into cryptocurrencies and gold, then these assets will grow to the highest levels in their history. However, China will not be able to quickly get rid of bonds, as this will create threats to the global financial sector.