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“The Emergence of New Faces at the Fed May Affect the Adoption of Digital Assets”

ByLouis Adams

Apr 27, 2022 #US
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The crypto community continues to actively discuss officials who, by yesterday’s decision of the US Senate, were placed “at the helm” of the Federal Reserve System. The media have reported on significant personnel changes divided the market into two camps: some believe that no significant changes should be expected against the backdrop of innovations, while others are sure that the process of accepting digital assets may noticeably slow down.

Based on the active discussion of the future policy of the Fed, netizens are slightly agitated by yesterday’s decisions taken by the Senate as a result of a vote of “52-43”. The most sensational news was the appointment of Lael Brainard as Fed Vice Chairman. The woman will hold this post for the next 4 years.

She has already established herself as a high-class financial analyst, especially when she served as US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs.

In principle, the public perceived the appointment of Brainard as a completely expected result of the Senate’s vote, but not all citizens share her attitude towards the digital asset industry. So, as part of one of the speeches in January, the woman noted the final decision on the release of the US Central Bank’s own cryptocurrency (CBDC) would be made by Congress.