Bitcoin Whale Acquires 2,822 BTC in Seven Days

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The world’s third-largest Bitcoin whale has recently added 2,822 BTC to its balance in the last seven days.

The new Bitcoin acquisition has cost him/her $117,144,042, and the value of the cryptocurrency stored in his/her address currently reached $5,202,214,689.

Cryptocurrency analyst Benjamin Cowan has said that unlike many leading companies, crypto whales remain quite active, not just buying and storing.

They constantly trade in the range of Bitcoin price movements, buying on dips and selling on local highs.

In contrast to the whale’s relatively active trading strategy, Cowan has said that most of the fattest Bitcoin wallets are more inclined to buy, and after major corrections.

Louis Adams

I am an experienced crypto news writer. I have been in the industry for many years and believe this tech can bring financial freedom to everyone.