• February 28, 2024


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Yearn.finance Founder: It is Necessary to Regulate the Blockchain Industry

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According to Andre Cronje, founder of the Yearn.finance project, the blockchain industry needs to be regulated.

Cronje has created the Yearn.finance DeFi protocol, but in March this year he announced his departure from the development team. Anton Nell left the project with him. The underlying asset of the protocol, the YFI token, collapsed by more than 13% in just a day on the news of the departure of the team leaders.

Both developers have recently posted on Twitter a series of posts in which they pointed out the need for regulation of the cryptosphere.

Cronje has emphasized that digital currencies are the future. This market will be able to fully develop only in the presence of effective legislation. Thus, we will be able to ensure the transparency of operations with cryptocurrencies and the safety of investors.