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Master Ventures Inv. Mgmt. Partners with Yellow Network to Transform Blockchain Industry


Apr 11, 2022 #Blockchain
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South San Francisco, USA, 11th April, 2022, Chainwire

Master Ventures intends to take advantage of the evolving Yellow Web3 financial ecosystem.

Yellow, a blockchain product and infrastructure company, and Master Ventures Investment Management (MVIM), powered by Master Ventures, a leading blockchain-focused venture studio driving blockchain adoption, are excited to announce a strategic partnership to advance the development of the worldwide crypto liquidity aggregator Yellow Network.

Yellow Network is a next-generation Web3 Financial Information Exchange (FIE) Network powered by state-channel technology, dedicated to interconnecting and aggregating crypto liquidity across multiple blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Its mission is to facilitate seamless P2P cryptocurrency transactions between institutions, crypto exchange brokerages, and traders.

Master Ventures brings together visionary ideas, exceptional talent, and investment capital to build world-changing companies. Master Ventures’ Investment Management VC Fund, launched in 2021 to support Polkadot, intends to invest in and capitalize on the upside opportunities in the evolving ecosystems of Yellow, Polkadot, and Kusama.

“At Master Ventures Investment Management, we are proud to support Yellow. As the first institutional sell-side research analyst on Binance coin (BNB) in 2016 and an investment banker from the ’90s, I’ve seen the evolution of crypto trading, and I think we need a lot more technology to properly induce mass adoption,” — comments Orion Depp, Managing Partner of Master Ventures Inv. Mgmt.

“We at MVIM, feel that Yellow is revolutionary and integral to this movement. Yellow’s solution brings the stock market’s Instinet and arca-style solutions of institutional aggregated liquidity and decentralization to the masses, allowing for faster and better execution.

By using all the various blockchains such as Solana, Avalanche, and Binance, exchanges can settle trades without even hitting the market, creating automatic and deep liquidity, replicating the efficiency of the tools used by the NASDAQ and other modern digital markets.

Further, at our parent company Master Ventures, we have backed industry heavyweights such as Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, Ripple, and Fluid Finance, so we think Yellow fits perfectly within our portfolio as the main industry disruptor,” – concludes Mr. Depp.

Stay tuned for more VC partnership news and a global announcement at the end of the seed and strategic funding of the Yellow Network project, featuring all strategic partners involved and the total strategic investment amount.

About Yellow

Yellow is a global ecosystem of blockchain products & services for Web3 Internet of Finance, providing startup seed funding, mentorship, advisory, data analytics, market making, and fintech software solutions. Yellow also provides developer tools, services, and education programs worldwide for blockchain infrastructure developers and crypto brokerage businesses.

Press Contact: press@yellow.com

About MVIM (Master Ventures Investment Management)

Master Ventures Inv. Mgmt (MVIM) is a blockchain industry-focused institutional-grade investment manager backed by Master Ventures. MVIM supports institutional crypto projects, that primarily list directly to Tier 1 CEXs, and invests in various leading ecosystems including Solana, Algorand, Avalanche, Polkadot, and more.

Press Contact: invest@master.ventures

About Master Ventures

Master Ventures is a blockchain-focused Venture Studio building the next generation of infrastructure companies to drive blockchain adoption. Master Ventures has been a significant incubator and investor in over 50 digital asset and blockchain networks since 2013, holding an estimated $1B+ in private market digital asset investments, including the Polkadot VC Fund, Kusama system, and PAID Network.

Press Contact: https://master.ventures/contact



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