Cryptos Are Legalized in a City of Honduras

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Cryptocurrencies have received the status of legal means of payment in the city of Prospera, a territory of the special economic zone of Honduras. According to the notice issued by the government:

“Prospera does not withhold capital gains tax, which means that Bitcoin and other digital assets are legal tender. Individuals and legal entities have the right to carry out transactions in Bitcoins, Honduran lempiras, US dollars or any other currency of their choice.”

From April 14, municipal governments and international companies based in Prospera will also be able to issue Bitcoin bonds to attract foreign investment. The creators of these securities will be required to identify the identity of the buyers to comply with the requirements of the legislation aimed at combating money laundering.

Bitcoin was legalized in September last year in El Salvador. The government has reported the legalization of the coin has had a positive impact on the economy.