Peru Creates Program to Stimulate Crypto Use

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The mayor of the city of La Molina, Peru, has launched a training program focused on the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Around ten restaurants have already joined the program, called “MoliCoin.”

The city’s mayor Alvaro Paz de la Barpa has said:

“We strongly believe in this new way of paying for goods and services around the world. We will continue to drive innovation at the local government level; La Molina and Peru deserve to be the center of innovation at the Latin American level.”

The MoliCoin program aims to provide “answers to how restaurants and businesses can accept payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and help make the right choice and use cash.”

The city hall has recommended that taxpayers and businesses become familiar with “the use of wallets integrated with the Lightning Network, as it reduces the cost of extortion.”

The government of La Molina seeks to prevent tax evasion with the help of this program.