• February 28, 2024


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Israeli Bank Leumi Bank to Integrate Cryptos

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Israel-based bank Leumi Bank has confirmed it has created Leumi Pepper Invest, a digital division supporting BTC and ETH. Through this platform, the bank clients will be able to make a variety of transactions involving Bitcoin and Ether.

According to an official statement released by the bank, the creation of this platform has been made possible thanks to a partnership with blockchain infrastructure provider Paxos, the developer of a very popular cryptocurrency exchange of the same name.

According to the bank, the service will become the so-called “bridge” between the traditional financial sector and the sphere of virtual money for the bank’s clients. According to the press release, all potential clients will have access to the use of completely new investment instruments, through which it will be possible to quickly and safely purchase, sell and exchange BTC or ETH.

According to reports,Leumi Pepper Invest will only support Bitcoin and Ether at first, however, it plans to add more assets in the future.