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Estee Lauder Rolls Out an NFT Collection for Decentraland Fashion Week

ByLouis Adams

Mar 22, 2022 #NFTs
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Global leader in the cosmetics industry Estee Lauder Corporation has just become a partner of a Fashion Week expected to be held in the Decentraland metaverse, Beauty Inc. has learned.

The corporation plans to hold during the event a promotion for Advanced Night Repair serum. To this end, the corporation will create a virtual model in the form of a product bottle. It will be possible to “enter” it and get a free wearable NFT, which will create a glow around the user’s avatar. The token has been created by makeup artist Alex Box.

Corporate President St├ęphane de La Faverie has said that the event could be considered as “a turning point for Estee Lauder in how we reach and interact with buyers in the metaverse.”

The company plans to continue advertising in the metaverse of physical goods in the future. The company president Jon Roman has said in this regard:

“We think that it will be a universe with a combined type of reality. There will be no people who live only in the metaverse. A lot will be mixed, so we need to figure out how to be prepared for this and how to take advantage of this reality.”