• May 17, 2024


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BitBay Founder and Former CEO Disappears

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Sylvester Suszek, founder and former head of cryptocurrency exchange BitBay (now Zonda), left his home in Katowice, Poland, on March 10, for a business meeting in an unknown direction and has not been in touch since.

The information has been confirmed by RMF24 quoting local law enforcement agencies.

Prior to this, Wiadomosci journalists discovered one of the platform’s shareholders had a criminal record, including for tax fraud. He was also suspected of murder as part of an organized group.

Sylvester Suszek was not longer related to BitBay, which went through a rebrand and received a new name – Zonda.

Zonda, which features 156 pairs of 55 crypto assets, has more than 1 million users and is regulated by the Estonian Money Laundering Data Bureau.