The Price of GPUs for Crypto Mining Rises Sharply in Russia

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The prices for mining equipment have risen sharply on the Russian market over the past few days. A local news outlet has reported that graphic cards have been specially affected by this rise.

Russia has recently seen a surge of interest in crypto mining, which was accompanied by a noticeable rise in the price of the devices used for mining.

The last jump in prices is directly related to the depreciation of the ruble because video cards are imported from abroad.

For example, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 model could previously be bought for 25,000 rubles, whereas now it is being sold for at least 80,000 rubles. The maximum cost of the more powerful RTX 3090 series reaches 500,000 rubles.

According to experts, the rise in prices will probably continue in the coming months. They believe that this is due to the volatility of the ruble and the logistical problems.