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Credit Suisse Strategist: Bitcoin is Forming a New Financial System

ByLouis Adams

Mar 9, 2022 #Bitcoin
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Zoltan Pozsar, strategist at Credit Suisse, has said that the increase in the use of Bitcoin is accelerating the process of formation of a new financial system. He said we have witnessed a global evolution of the payment infrastructure.

According to him, the result of the changes will be the weakening of the dollar and the acceleration of inflation in Western countries. The crisis of the dollar system that we are entering is qualitatively different from previous financial upheavals.

He believes that the structure that was formed after the Second World War is gradually being destroyed and is being replaced by a new financial order.

The Credit Suisse strategist has noted that geopolitical tensions have only hastened the destruction of the old order and it is still difficult to say in which direction the global economy will develop. He has added Bitcoin has a very good chance of becoming the main payment instrument.