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Bitcoin Funds Raise $239M in Five Weeks

ByLouis Adams

Mar 2, 2022 #Bitcoin
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According to a study conducted by the CoinShares team, at the end of the past week, the amount of funds invested in Bitcoin funds amounted to $36 million.

While US institutions sent $95 million to them, the European ones, on the contrary, preferred to withdraw funds from such funds. Notably, the outflow amounted to $59 million.

The company analysts have noted investment companies from Brazil and Canada have been quite active since the beginning of the year.

The net inflow of capital into Bitcoin funds was $17 million. In total, such products have attracted $239 million of institutional funds since the beginning of 2022.

Last week, Ethereum funds managed to receive only $4.2 million from investors. Companies reduced their presence in products focused on Solana (SOL) and Litecoin (LTC). The coinShares analysts have emphasized that from these funds came $2.6 million and $500,000, respectively.