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Owner of CryptoPunks NFTs Withdraws Collection from Sotheby’s Auction

ByLouis Adams

Feb 24, 2022 #NFTs
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An anonymous seller of a set of 104 NFTs from the CryptoPunks collection has withdrawn his collection from a Sotheby’s auction at the very last moment.

The auction was scheduled for February 23. The auction house expected the sale price to be $20-$30 million.

The owner of the collection assets under the pseudonym 0x650d wrote on February 8 announcing the auction:

“Today, I’m excited to announce my partnership with Sotheby’s to create the highest profile NFT sale of all time.”

However, right before the auction started, the collector withdrew the lot from sale and stated:

“nvm, decided to hodl.”

While many users have criticized him, some have also given him their support. A user has written the owner of the NFT avoided the “biggest mistake of his life” as CryptoPunks are “21st century Warhol works”.