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Compass Financial Technologies Unveils Index Based on 10 DeFi Tokens

ByLouis Adams

Feb 23, 2022 #DeFi
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Compass Financial Technologies, a Switzerland-based management company, has recently added the Compass Crypto Basket Fundamental DeFi Index product line, which will allow users to invest in a basket of ten DeFi tokens.

The components of the index are weighted based on liquidity, market cap, protocol earnings and on-chain data. The maximum weight of each component is limited to 35%.

Rebalancing takes place on a monthly basis. According to the latest results, the index is composed of the following elements: Uniswap (33.1%), Aave (13.6%), SushiSwap (12.2%), Loopring (11.3%), yEarn.Finance (9.8%), Compound (6.8%), MakerDAO (6.6%), Synthetix (2.7%), 1inch Network (2.4%) and Perpetual Protocol (1.5%).

COMPASS Financial Technologies is registered by the AMF as an index administrator under the EU Regulation.

Compass Financial Technologies CEO Guillaume Le Fur has said that due to “significant demand”, crypto institutional investors are interested in investing in the sector in accordance with regulatory requirements.