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Alpha Testing Continues Before the Launching of EYWA Mainnet

ByLouis Adams

Feb 22, 2022 #NFTs
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Many new users join the alpha testing, and you still have a chance to participate in our Airdrop from EYWA and our partners.

EYWA project has prepared 54,000 NFT’s of a different rarity for everyone who has successfully fulfilled the necessary conditions:

✔️ Completed the first three stages of alpha testing.

✔️  ✔️ Subscribed to social networks.

EYWA Platform last Updates

We are pleased to announce the upcoming addition of new networks and the inclusion of Solana network in the alpha testing of EYWA Protocol.


January was the month for EYWA project to conclude strategic partnerships and receive grants to develop blockchain interconnections.

EYWA had partnerships with Cheesus, Harmony One, and Near.

Aurora Grant-USD 50,000

Algorand Grant-USD 95,000

Harmony One Grant-USD 50,000

NEAR Foundation Grant-USD 40,000

EYWA Protocol receives more and more offers from large investment companies ready to support the project’s development.


At the largest hackathon in Web 3 development, BUIDL IT – Polygon, the EYWA project became the TOP 40 most promising projects.

EYWA project also received an award in the DeFi Track nomination at Metis Stardust hackathon!

Genesi DAC Manager of Metis, Natalia Amelin, noted that EYWA platform is one of three developing and promising projects.

We have become the recipient of a grant from Algorand Foundation. The project noted that it believes in EYWA’s decentralization philosophy.