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Global Pets World: A World First Experience for Pet Owners in the Real World and the Metaverse!

ByLouis Adams

Feb 9, 2022 #Metaverse
Reading time: 2 minutes

For many pet owners, owning a pet is akin to having a child. They consider the pets as family members, and these family members deserve to be entertained and pampered. Global Pets World Holdings, a wholly owned subsidiary of WisdomCome Group, in collaboration with Ammbr Group, will be launching the world’s first global pets theme park welcoming pets of all descriptions, along with their owners and other pet lovers. The concept is a novel yet classic theme park and membership club concept that leverages Distributed Ledger Technology to scale customer engagement, raise funding, and operate club memberships, rewards, access control and internal club payments.

With over 50% of global households owning pets, and the market valued at over US $220 Billion, the Global Pets World will provide a safe, welcoming, and entertaining experience for both pet owners and pets, while offering variety of services to make them enjoy and enhance their lives together, unraveling great opportunities in this largely untapped market. To enrich the experience of pet owners and animal lovers, Global Pets World Group along with Ammbr, will be launching the project on Ammbr’s Metaverse, designed as a bridge between blockchain technology and a conventional use case that will appeal to a new audience.

Pets World is already being built in the Metaverse. Ammbr’s metaverse, called Metasense, will host the project at a prime location on the virtual Island of Hong Kong. More than ten locations in the real world and the virtual world of Metasense are earmarked for further launches of Global Pets World. Patrons will be able to get Pets World Club Memberships through an ERC721 Non-Fungible Token (NFT), and the buyers of these membership NFTs, appropriately named Pet Paws NFT, will pay and receive the NFTs into their Pets World Wallets. The NFTs can be traded on a marketplace and tokenization platform, which will also host a variety digital pet assets including memorabilia, eBooks, videos, and music.

The Pet Paws NFT will be available for sale on the Global Pets World official website on 14th Feb and will be priced in ETH.

WisdomCome Group has been working in the pet health care product market and provides pet safety-related consistent growth, meeting all the needs of a pet’s life. The company’s goal is to develop a safe and comfortable environment for pets and their owners; simultaneously, NFT covering across the globe connects the extended network of pet lovers and pets.

Global Pets World offers a reliable and trustworthy ecosystem to make its client enjoy life. The company will focus on the development and functioning of the theme park. The partnership with Ammbr Group, a top decentralized infrastructure technology firm, will forever change how physical and digital assets owners consider possession, trading, and communication.