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The Activity in the Tezos Ecosystem Increases Considerably

ByLouis Adams

Feb 2, 2022 #Blockchain
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The activity of addresses in the Tezos ecosystem has increased significantly over the past year. According to experts, who have analyze the rise in smart addresses in the network, the reason for everything is the rapid development of NFT-related projects that have announced support for Tezos.

For example, as of February 1, 2022, the number of transactions using Tezos smart contracts has increased to 50,000 per day. In turn, a year ago, this daily figure barely “reached” up to 10,000.

Analysts believe the increasing popularity of Tezos smart contracts is the result of NFT projects that have introduced a feature for buying non-fungible tokens using the altcoin XTZ.

In just the last couple of months, several major NFT projects have reportedly announced support for Tezos.

The new partners of this blockchain platform include the growing popularity of the FX Hash generative art platform. In this context, it is worth remembering the gaming giant Ubisoft, which has recently released its own NFT collection. Ubisoft, like many other platforms, now allows the purchase of NFT items using the altcoin XTZ.