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Top Ubisoft Manager Comments on Negative Reaction of Players to NFT Integration

ByLouis Adams

Jan 30, 2022 #NFTs
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Nicolas Poiret, VP of innovation at video game developer and publisher Ubisoft, has spoken in an interview with Finder about the company’s response to players’ harsh criticism of the introduction of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). He said:

“We strongly believe that Quartz and Digits are developments in the right direction, so the integration will continue. Obviously, the opinions of the fans will help us adapt – this is our next step.”

According to him, Ubisoft expected a negative reaction, but still “a little upset.” Poire noted that the huge response from fans confirms their dedication to the company and their beloved franchises. He explained:

“I think gamers don’t understand what the secondary digital market can give them. Now players see the NFT as a destruction of the planet and a tool for speculation, but we see it as an “end game”, which is the ability to resell their items.”

The top manager emphasized Ubisoft is integrating non-fungible tokens primarily for gamers, although they do not understand this yet. He also called it the transition from one economic system to another, which is never easy.